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New animation

2010-10-27 04:14:48 by Spikeabike

Yay! its about time i don't plan taking another year to make another one my next flash will be coming out this Christmas hopefully i will get sprite animation down I'm still learning but i think I'll getting the hang of it.

Anyways enjoy my new flash animation...

Damn NO xmas flash this year

2009-12-07 17:00:54 by Spikeabike

Sadly i didn't get my tablet instead i got a crappy animation program for my birthday.
God im so mad becuase i really wanted to make an xmas flash but can't now >:(

Well hopeful i can get my tablet for xmas and make something for easter or next halloween.
But there will be an epic animation comming in
6 months still working on it and hope you will all enjoy it.

Thank you.


Xmas flash

2009-11-13 20:34:22 by Spikeabike

Well halloween is over and the halloween flash have mostly positive reviews and a great score which makes me very happy so, i will also make a christmas flash which will be done in sprites and my own drawings.

Hopefully i get my tablet in time so it at least looks decent, also after the end credits there will be a trailer of my upcoming flash of two enemys with epic fighting and battle a good plot and story line.

A picture will be up shortly
Thank you.


Just Me

2009-10-09 02:15:31 by Spikeabike

Heres another picture of an animation of mine i will also be doing later

Just Me

Radical joe

2009-10-08 01:43:48 by Spikeabike

Well after i post my sprite Halloween animation im going to start flash like not sprite animations but hand drawn as show my skills below.

Its a story line about a character named radical joe, a hearo/villan that wants to realize his past and is willing to fight for it. Hes on no ones side, this serise will have quite a few EPS in it so its going to be great.

Get ready for an epic flash -SSP-

Radical joe


2009-10-03 16:54:53 by Spikeabike

Marios halloween is almost done about 1 more week and i will be posted is gona be great.


Screw spriteing for now...

2009-09-02 16:26:26 by Spikeabike

Im Done Spriteing For Now im better off making hand drawn animations and already come up with a story line for it... about a guy Nlamed Radical Joe going throw towns citys deserts ect trying to find the one who killed his family... I Have no clue when this will be done... but it will be soon pic will also be up soon. in other news im making a sprite short halloween film for halloween. And Sonic Vs Gundam is on hold for now... Thank you and goodbye.

New animation

2009-08-24 15:28:21 by Spikeabike

Hello if your reading this im sure you've seen my Super mario randomz I, my first flash but for sure not my last. Due to to voteing of this animation i've learned to take my time during animation therfore i have been learning how to auto script an loading bar and play button to make my future animations look more professonal...

My next animation that will be comeing out is called "sonic Vs Gundam" a short epic action battle animation this will be done in about 1 months time it will be edited a lot better and more movement animations will be in it... A Picture will be up shortly to give the viewers an idea on how it will look.

Later post will be made...